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My interest in healing began several decades ago. As an adult, I can never recall a time when I was healthy. Several times in my life I suffered from life-threatening illnesses that could not be diagnosed or were diagnosed years after the illness began. And in every case, the only medical treatments available to me were drugs that helped ease the pain of whatever symptoms I was experiencing. But nothing cured me. I had to heal myself. And, in some cases, my healing took years.

I learned a lot about what triggers bad episodes with my health. As you might guess from your own health issues, stress is a major factor in causing health problems. And just about anything these days can make us feel stressed out. A move. A new job. Our hectic schedules. An argument with our significant others. The pandemic. We are all stressed out for one reason or another, and it can greatly impact our health.

Seven months ago, to be closer to my family, I moved over 500-miles away to a state I’d never been to before. I bought a house in the country sight-unseen. After living in two cities for twenty years, I’m experiencing culture shock. With little here to do, knowing no one other than my family members who live 30 miles away, and the pandemic, which is on a dramatic rise, I spend far too many days in seclusion. Depression has set in, and my chronic pain has reached an all-time high. If you suffer from chronic pain, you know what a pain chart is. They use them in hospitals. The chart ranges from a level 1 – the least amount of pain – to a level 10. I have been at a level 10 for far too long.

I always knew I had to start a project like Heavenly Healing, but like so many things, I kept putting it off. I spent many years learning how to control my pain, and other health issues. I have tried just about every healing modality imaginable including medication, physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, reiki, biofeedback, and healing touch, just to name a few. It was a combination of things that worked for me. Using the modalities that worked best for me, I created my own form of therapy and infused it with prayer. And it worked. It worked so well, in fact, that I started using the technique on my friends and family – anyone that was in pain and wanted some relief. Sometime later, I discovered my hands knew when someone had cancer. And they went right to where the cancer was. That is when my work as a cancer healer began. For four years, I volunteered at several churches, began lecturing, and taught classes in self-healing. There were some amazing results.

But then, out of necessity, the healing work stopped. My business took off and I was needed elsewhere.

That business is gone now. I have retired from IT. And it is time to bring the healing work back. Because of the pandemic, I must do the work online – a bit of a challenge. But I never allow myself to forget that I am not the healer, only the instrument. Jesus can heal anyone, even through a computer screen.

In future posts, I will talk about the many facets of healing. There is so much we can do to help heal ourselves. There’s a course I teach at the college where I now work. It’s called Empowerment Through Forgiveness. One of the things I learned during the healing sessions is that we can hold ourselves back from healing by holding onto anger and hate. If we can’t forgive, we can’t move forward. And if we can’t move forward, we can’t heal.

I’ll talk about that further in my next blog post.

May Jesus heal all that ails you,

L.M. Lush

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