New Directions

Peaceful Easy Feeling

When I started Heavenly Healing, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. I didn’t know what intentions God had for it, or where it would lead me.

In the past year, I’ve met many people from around the world, from all walks of life, and from many different religions and political beliefs. They all came to Heavenly Healing for a healing session. I didn’t expect such diversity. And I never expected that I, as a Christian faith healer who used prayer, Jesus, and energy healing to do my work, would be working with non-christian and non-believers from all around the globe. It blew me away. But the truth is, we all need healing. Whatever that healing is that we need, there isn’t a human being alive that doesn’t need it. I had to explain to my sitters how I worked, and that I would not impose my beliefs onto them or audibly pray to a God they didn’t believe in. That would defeat the purpose. But I did let every sitter know that I do pray to Jesus, and I do use the energy from God, heaven, and the spiritual world. It is how I was trained to heal, and it works. I expected some people would immediately leave the healing session, or say, thanks but no thanks. But not one person did. They all accepted how I worked, and some even shared their own beliefs and prayed with me their way. We put our political and religious differences aside, shared some life stories, and got down to the business of healing. I still communicate with several of these beautiful souls on Facebook.

Why Not, It’s Free?

But I knew, too, that many people were reluctant to try a healing session with me, even though they’re free. And maybe because they are free. I suspect, however, it was more a case of fear – they simply didn’t know what to expect from me and from a healing session. I didn’t know what I could say or do to make people feel more at ease, to give them something they needed, to help themselves get better and feel better. So, I asked God, what do you want me to do with Heavenly Healing?

I didn’t get an answer for a long time, and I toyed with the idea of taking the whole site down. And then I started having my own health problems. I was barraged with them, going from one physical or medical problem to the next. It didn’t make any sense.

Suddenly, I had to watch my salt intake, my weight, and my blood pressure. They were all too high. I had to monitor my pain levels, my allergies, and a new symptom, edema. I had migraines every ten days, bleeding, constant indigestion, and a flare-up of my allergies. Physically, I was falling apart. And when your body starts to fall apart, you begin to fall apart mentally, as well. Depression had set in, as did physical and mental fatigue. Did I have cancer, congestive heart failure, or Lyme disease? I had been bitten by a tick a few months earlier, so Lyme disease or some other tick-borne illness was not out of the realm of possibility. But my Lyme titer was negative, so I was back to square one. Stress could not be ruled out, nor a new allergy, or the long terms effects of covid, which I had in early 2020. Making matters worse, until recently, I was a light smoker – had been, on and off, for a good many years. So, the first thing I did in an effort to get well was quit smoking. Interestingly, after a level 10 migraine that lasted 3 days, I didn’t have another one for 3 months. But the other health issues persisted. They still do.

Road to Healing

It was then that I realized, God was taking me on some kind of health journey. Just like the one many of you are on. If you’re still reading this, it is likely because you have a health problem too. Whether it’s mental, physical, or spiritual, you’re here because you need help. And it probably isn’t an easy fix. You wouldn’t need healing if it were. So, we are on this journey together. And when I realized this, I knew what I had to do. I had to use this website to walk with you on your journey to healing. For some of you, a healing session may be all you need. And for others, you may need to make changes in your life, such as quitting smoking, to get well. I’ve read and learned so much about healing. For instance, there are healthy foods that may help you get well, and others that may make you feel worse. Migraine sufferers know all to well that certain foods can trigger a migraine. My trigger is salt. And if you’re sensitive or allergic to certain foods, you can suffer from an array of symptoms, including chronic pain. I also learned about effective ways to control pain, reduce stress, and start a healthy diet. The list goes on and on – I read something every day. And, of course, not all of it will work for everybody. Not all of it worked for me. Some things helped and some things didn’t. But I will share what I’ve learned, whether it helped me or not, in hopes that it may help you in your journey to getting better.

The free healing services will continue. Many people have reported feeling better and healthier, and some have even reported being out of pain. Some people experience more energy, and a greater capacity to love and forgive, and still others have found peace and less stress in their lives.

All healing is good. In all forms, however, it comes.

Love and Blessings,

L.M. Lush

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