Each New Year Brings New Beginnings

Happy New Year Celebration.

It is January 1st – the start of the new year. And each new year brings new beginnings, whatever those new beginnings may be for you.

To get a fresh start – a new beginning – or a whole new you – you must first let go of the past. Like every January 1st, at the stroke of midnight, we shed the previous year and begin an entirely new year. We celebrate it with a prayer, a kiss, and a toast, and we hope that the new year will be better than the previous one. We start the new year with faith and a new vitality and outlook.

Let Go

But to have new beginnings in our personal lives, more is required than just a prayer, kiss, and toast. It requires change, and the willingness to let go of bad habits, negative thinking, and even people who are no longer kind to us or support us in reaching our highest good and our highest purpose. Not everyone in our lives wants us to succeed.

To succeed in your new beginnings, you must let go of fear and negative thought patterns. They hold you back and keep you from moving forward. Letting go of negativity is always the first step in changing yourself and your life. You can’t succeed until you think and believe you can. Once you let go, your new beginning can take flight. Positive thoughts followed by positive actions will make you soar.

Change Bad Habits into Good Habits

We all have bad habits. We all just do. And they keep us from reaching our highest potential and being our best selves. Some bad habits are negative and unhealthy. While others are more benign. But they may nonetheless be costly to your mental well-being. Bad habits can keep you from being productive and responsible.

They may hold you back in your job or in society. To move forward in a healthy and positive way, they should be dealt with and ultimately conquered. Stop smoking or using drugs. Stop overeating and thinking negatively. Stop being lazy, sleeping in late, and procrastinating. Easier said than done, I know. But any goal worth attaining is worth working hard at.

Be Confident

Each new year brings new beginnings. To achieve them, you must put yourself first, at least part of the time. It’s a difficult thing for many people to do, but necessary to achieve any goal. Always think of your highest good and your best self. Be assertive. Display confidence, and the ability and motivation to succeed. Show the world that a new you has arrived.

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you too.

Happy New Year! And Happy New Beginnings!


Lorrie Lush


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