Blessing of the Animals – A Prayer

A prayer for Blessing of the Animals day.

Blessing of the Animals day is celebrated on October 4th. But you can have your pet blessed any day of the week.

We love pets – we all have pets of one kind or another. We are happy and look forward to being your pet’s intercessor in healing, and caring for your pet’s spiritual needs. We firmly believe that God heals our beloved pets too and that their spirits do go to heaven.

If your pet is ill, we will pray for them. If they need healing, please feel free to schedule a healing session for them. We will even teach you how you can comfort your pet using our healing method.

A Blessing Prayer

Dear God, you have made us and all living creatures. You are more wonderful and powerful than anything you have made and anything we can behold. We thank you for giving us these pets who bring us joy. As you take care of us, we ask that you also take care of them and heal them when they are sick. We ask that you help us so that we may take good and proper care of those pets whom we love and who trust us to look after them.


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